Friday, June 29, 2012

“Got Acne? Here’s Some Sun Care Tips!”

There is a common misconception, especially amongst acne suffers, that getting a sun tan improves your skin. Sure, a nice tan makes you look better and definitely gives you the impression that your acne has improved, but in fact you have exposed your skin to damage that may be irreversible if not properly cared for. Acne sufferers also often go to the beach because they believe that the combination of sun and salt water helps dry out their acne. 

In their article Burying Another Acne Myth, Dr. James E. Fulton and Dr. Caroline V. Caperton explain that “while it is true that initially the skin dries out when exposed to the sun, the skin very soon compensates by producing even more oil than before” further aggravating acne.

Since it’s not realistic to assume that we’re all vampires and will avoid the sun entirely, we have to make sure to protect our skin as much as possible from long-term damage. Always use a sunscreen and reapply often when in the sun for a prolonged period of time. And if you happen to get a little too much sun, make sure to immediately treat your sun burn with a good aloe vera gel.

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