Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Acne Client - Before and After Photo, 10.16.13

Here are before and after photos of a client who quickly cleared his acne with Vivant Skin Care products, including a BP 3% Exfoliating Cleanser, Daily Repair Pads with 1% Mandelic Acid, Derm-A-Renew, BP 10% Medicated Gel and Day Treatment Lotion with SPF 15. Time elapsed between photos is eight weeks...


  1. Great Acne skin care therapy must say its result oriented.

  2. I think it's really effective on skin acne . I am having problem with blackheads. I am searching for solution about how to get rid of blackheads on nose. Please help me . Thanks for this post.

  3. The reasons are skin bacterial activity, blockage of skin pores, inflammation and skin pore blockage. To treat the condition you will need to find best acne products that will come to your aid. If you are not a great fan of commercial products then acne treatment natural is the way for you. Acne products