Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Testimonial Tuesday: UK Upcoming on Maxilip: "Plumping Phenomenon"

It's Testimonial Tuesday! This week we feature what the UK-based beauty site The Upcoming has to say about our #Maxilip:

"If your beauty aspiration is a fuller, smooth and plumper pout, then take a peek at this lip-plumping phenomenon, Maxilip lip plumper by Vivant Skin Care £13, which has blown the socks off The Upcoming beauty office! With peptides to maximise collagen production and benzyl nicotinate to stimulate blood flow to the lip tissue, a semi-permanent plump lip is achieved without the use of a needle! Simply apply to the lips throughout the day for a tingly, hot and full pout. Angelina Jolie eat your heart out!"

To read about all the other April "must-have beauty buys", click here:  http://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2013/04/02/aprils-must-have-beauty-buys


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