Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Testimonial Tuesday: Exfol-A Forte

It’s “Testimonial Tuesday”!

This week’s featured testimonial features our Exfol-A Forte and comes to us through a comment from our Blog Gift Box promotion:

“My favorite Vivant product is Exfol-A Forte; I've used this for 17 + years. I saw Dr. Fulton originally for acne treatment, and Exfol-A Forte cleared it up in no time, plus it has so many other benefits! Now, I must admit, I fell off the wagon a bit, and started trying other products out there thinking there must be something new that is better? Boy, was I wrong, BIG MISTAKE! No matter what product I tried, I ALWAYS ended up going back on Exfol-A Forte. No more experimenting for me! Exfol-A Forte clearly is THE BEST!”

1 comment:

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