Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"What to Do Wednesday": Boost Your Exfoliating Cycle

Here's a "What to Do Wednesday" skin care regimen from one of our in-house beauty experts Martha, that will be sure to boost your exfoliating cycle:
Always use the Exfol-A in the PM and skip a day if it’s too dry. This should last the first 2 weeks of the treatment, as your skin becomes acclimated to the products.

Don’t forget the ICE! Ice compresses are healing and bring down inflammation; apply after cleansing with BP 3% Acne Wash.

For the dryer areas (perioral) apply our Day Treatment SPF 15  for moisturizing.

Because the main objective here is to rev-up the normal 28 day exfoliating cycle, you are going to experience dryness first and then a light peeling.
You are on your way to a clear complexion!



If you are a skin care professional, please call 1.800.984.8268 for more information about this regimen. To locate a Vivant Skin Care Professional near you, call us at 1.855.484.8268 or email us using our “contact us” form at:


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