Friday, August 3, 2012

Receive a Customized Skin Care Regimen!

What skin type do you have?
  1. Dry (dry, flaky) 
  2. Combination (dry in some areas but normal to oily in others)
  3. Oily (shiny, oily)
What is your skin tone?
  1. Fitzpatrick Skin Type I (fair skin, freckled, red or blonde hair, blue eyes)
  2. Fitzpatrick Skin Type II (fair skin, blonde hair, green or blue eyes)
  3. Fitzpatrick Skin Type III (fair to olive skin, green, hazel or blue eyes)
  4. Fitzpatrick Skin Type IV (olive to light brown skin, dark brown hair, green, hazel or brown eyes)
  5. Fitzpatrick Skin Type V (dark brown skin, black hair, brown eyes)
  6. Fitzpatrick Skin Type VI (black skin, black hair, dark brown eyes)
Describe your level of sensitivity:
  1. Level I (highly sensitive, irritates very easily)
  2. Level II (sensitive to more aggressive products)
  3. Level III (not sensitive, skin is accustomed to more aggressive products)
What is your main skin concern?
  1. Aging (fine lines, wrinkles, collagen loss)
  2. Hyperpigmentation (uneven color, age spots, brown spots)
  3. Acne Control (blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads)
  4. Eye Area (under eye circles, crow's feet, wrinkles)
  5. Body Acne
  6. Rosacea (redness, inflammation)
Describe your acne:
  1. Grade I (black heads)
  2. Grade II (closed Impactions)
  3. Grade III (red, inflamed acne with white heads and black heads)
  4. Grade IV (cystic acne with large inflamed areas)
  5. Grade V (extremely severe acne characterized by lesions that do not heal and must be treated by a doctor)
  6. Not applicable
Describe your hyperpigmentation:
  1. Sun Damage (uneven color due to prolonged sun exposure)
  2. Age Spots or Liver Spots (range from light brown to dark brown to red and are located mostly on hands, face, shoulders and arms)
  3. Hormonal or Pregnancy Mask (characterized by darker skin around mouth caused by fluctuations in hormones due to birth control, pregnancy, etc.)
  4. Post-Inflammatory (skin darkening or discoloration caused by inflammation from acne, chemical or physical injury)
How old are you?
  1. Less than 25
  2. 26 to 35
  3. 36 to 45
  4. 46 to 55
  5. 56 to 65
  6. 66 or older
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