Monday, June 25, 2012

[REVIEW] of our 'Exfol-A' Product via

Our friends over at had some really great things to say about our Exfol-A product that gives your skin the boost of Vitamin A it needs.

Check out what they had to say...

"If your skin needs changing, use Vivant. I swear it made a huge difference in my skin years ago when I was faithful to the line (which is hard when trying new things is your job), but everything they have is medical grade and reasonably inexpensive. Their Exfol-A is what I’ll be using for a kick of Vitamin A without having to use Retin A which is set in a cheap cream base that breaks me out every time I try to use it. This serum combines A with Lactic, Uric, and Kojic Acids – all known to fade discolorations and give skin a pretty glow."

Thanks so much for the kind words - we absolutely love to hear awesome feedback just like this! It let's us know our customers and community are happy and that our products work!

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